What got you here won’t get you there!

The time of the lone wolf is over.

“I reach out to Penelope when I’ve run into a block or a piece of my pain-body where I’m feeling the most vulnerable. Sessions with her remove those core-level barriers that make me want to give up. Penelope has the intellectual horsepower to understand the complexity of the issues I face, which genuinely separates her from the crowd. She provides a space that is calm, respectful, and holistic. I leave sessions with renewed energy and perspective to solve some of my toughest issues.”         Anna Steffeney, Founder and CEO, Leave Logic

Skilled coaching supports you to increase your revenue and the impact you are having in the world.  Coaching inspires excellent self-care, deeper spiritual connection & more fulfilling relationships.  After doing work together, you will have healthier boundaries which helps you master time, money and happiness.

 Contact me today to schedule your complimentary clearing session to discover what is possible in both your business and your life!

Programs & Packages

Entrepreneurial Leadership Program: 6- 9 months 

People who are drawn to working with me have a deep need to make a difference in the world.  Receiving high-level support over a longer period of time reduces isolation (entrepreneurial death), affirms your strengths and assists you to identify what is stuck and needs to change. Having easy access to your own personal “sounding board” provides faster results for you personally and helps you gain traction to move your businesses and key relationships forward. This leadership program supports you to be your whole self, everywhere you go with all your Super Powers– identified and expressed! This program will support you in managing a complex life of growth and constant change.  It will help shift your state from reactively putting-out-fires into being a naturally responsive and inspiring leader. The consistent contact and non-judgmental attention this program provides helps you face and overcome those areas you habitually avoid.  “Whole self in” means that your life matters and your fulfillment in every domain are not only possible but fundamentally important. Participating in this program is an efficient, effective and lasting way for you to succeed at your calling and live a joy filled life. There is a lot of flexibility within this program.  Individual work, couples work, individual intensives and strategic planning sessions for teams are all possible.  This program will be designed specifically respond to your current needs and ongoing goals.

Transformational Package 

2 Intensive VIP days** (can be split into four 3.5 hour sessions)

Plus 5 hour long sessions

**In VIP Session Intensives, I work with you exclusively for the entire day.  You can schedule a single day or up to 4 consecutive days.

Session Intensives give you the time to go deep and do core level healing without having to deal with life rushing in and interfering with your inner work.  One of the many gifts of Intensives is they take you “off the clock”.  Sessions go as long as needed based on your energy and the clearing of your mind and emotions.  Between sessions there is ample time if you like to exercise, meditate, journal, eat and rest.

Intensives are one of the best formats to clear past traumas and eliminate fixed attitudes (I’m not enough, It needs to be perfect, I can’t trust others etc…)  

VIP Intensives are incredibly helpful for creating strategic plans of action to move your life and businesses forward.  Intensives can also be used to go deeper into topics such as ongoing relationship issues, creating legacy plans, clearing past lives and exploring your relationship to spirit.  

For an intensive that lasts longer than one day, I highly recommend reserving time at a retreat site or nice hotel, away from your usual routine and responsibilities.

Couples and Business Partner Coaching

One of the most difficult issues facing couples (and business partners) is how to navigate conflicting needs.  Coaching sessions increase everyone’s ability to deepen understanding, improve communication, stay in present time and evolve the relationship and shared projects forward, while getting mutual and individual needs met.

Individual Coaching (two levels):

Tune Ups:

Individual sessions are fantastic for getting a stuck project moving forward quickly and clearing up communication issues.  Many clients come for 5 session “tune-ups” and project management.

That being said, there are issues and behaviors that take time to master. Ongoing individual sessions over time are most helpful to integrate long term change.  Individual sessions last 60 to 90 minutes.

Ongoing Sessions:

Possible topics addressed in ongoing work:

  • Navigating the complexity of running a business and having a Life
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship Evolution
  • Behavioral Changes such as:
  • Communication Mastery
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Managing your Relationship to Time & Money
  • Clearing Depression