Basics of Clearing

Basics of Clearing Training

Clearing is a system of processes and tools that are incredibly effective at transforming the sticky, sub-conscious levels of the brain that frequently don’t move with traditional coaching and counseling.

Clearing is also highly effective at quickly identifying the present time barriers that keep clients stuck, unhappy and ineffective and assist them in having all of life go better.

This training is ideal for the beginning coaches as well as coaches/counselors who have been experiencing issues with their clients that don’t seem to move forward.

Do you want to help others genuinely transform their lives?  Do you feel confident the work you are doing with others is effective and lasting?

Do your some of your clients hijack the session?  You ask them one question and they take you on a completely different tangent so at the end of the session neither of you are clear what the heck happened or was accomplished?

The Basics of Clearing training will help you to be completely confident that your clients are achieving the results they desire.

Your clients will never hijack a session again!

The Basics of Clearing training includes the following:

  • The fundamentals of Communication  Mastery
  • Guided experience giving and receiving Basic Clearing Sessions

  • Training drills that increase your ability to work with people while staying in real communication

  • Creating the supportive environment

  • Ethics

  • Assessment and Establishing rapport

  • Managing the Communication Cycle

  • Basic processes for:

    • Clearing Current Problems

    • Relationship Evolution

    • Clearing out guilt

    • When to run a process and when to end it

    • Support for creating a thriving practice of your own

  • Certificate on completion of the course material.

Application required.  Contact Penelope directly to schedule a complimentary Clearing session to see if becoming a Clearer is the best next step for you.

Next Basics of Clearing will begin fall 2017